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BioAccess knows your need for the right tool at the right time. That is why we have developed these disposable Small Bone Tools, packaged in specially designed sterile trays.
BioAccess – at your disposal.

The BioAccess Advantage

  • Sterile power tool, always ready
  • No charging
  • No Maintenance
  • No capital cost
  • No reprocessing
  • No repairs
  • No battery replacement
  • Great back up tool

Small Bone Tools - How They Work

The BioAccess Small Bone Tool is packaged in a specially designed sterile tray within a sterile pouch. The tool is packaged with the hatch open and the bottom of the handle is aligned with a hole in the tray. The non-sterile motor is inserted through the hole into the handle and locked into place. The gloved user removes the tool (with the motor locked in place) and secures the hatch. Once encapsulated by the tool, the motor cannot be contaminated and it cannot contaminate the sterile tool.

Small Bone Tool Figures 1 - 4

At the end of the case...
The user opens the hatch and places the tool back in the tray. The tray is closed and the motor is removed. The tray with the contaminated tool is discarded and the motor is ready to be reused immediately.

  • Powerful, Lightweight, Balanced
  • Costs less than using a Reusable Tool
    - no reprocessing, no repairs, no battery replacement, no capital cost
  • Always Ready to Use
    - no set-up, five year shelf life, no recharging
  • Can be used anywhere
    - Operating Room, Surgicenter, Emergency Department, Radiology, Office

Choice of Attachments for Small Bone Tool

The Attachments for the Small Bone Tool are packaged separately in sterile pouches. Only the attachment needed has to be opened.

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