About Us

  • BioAccess displayed its products at the 2014 American College of Orthopaedic Surgery meeting, held in New Orleans.

Our Company

BioAccess has been in the medical power tool business since 1995. The company has developed and refined its unique technology. It has developed the semi-reusable technology for orthopedic surgeons for fixations. The current disposable drill is used in hospitals (operating rooms, emergency departments) and surgicenters. Additionally, BioAccess has developed the first powered bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow harvesting devices for hematologists and oncologists along with a Bone Marrow Collection Kit.

BioAccess is focused on improved products and the highest quality of customer support for our present products designed for physicians.

In addition to the present products for the operating room, emergency room, and surgicenters, BioAccess is striving to incorporate the semi-reusable power tool technology into other procedures used at various locations within and outside the traditional hospital setting. These procedures include aesthetic surgery (brow lift), spine surgery, sports medicine, robotic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, specific products for the podiatric surgeon and a vertebroplasty kit. The Company is also developing specific semi-reusable tools for military application including Forward Surgical Hospitals.


BioAccess was started by its two founders, Drs. E. George Elias and Robert Chapolini, for the purpose of developing innovative medical and surgical devices. The Company was formally incorporated as a Delaware Corporation in 1995.

Early in the company history, the founders developed the world's first and only single-use, powered bone marrow biopsy tool. The Company's platform technology—the semi-reusable power tool—was a product of this work. This is a concept of combining a reusable motor with a sterile, single-use drill housing. A proprietary packaging system allows the user to insert the non-sterile reusable motor inside the sterile drill housing without danger of contamination.


BioAccess has successfully developed a unique concept in power tools for the medical market. It has successfully developed the manufacturing and proprietary packaging techniques to bring this concept into the marketplace. BioAccess now sees its mission very clearly—

To provide the medical community with the safest and most cost-effective power tools and instruments. BioAccess will expand its products based on its unique "semi-reusable" platform technology, a hybrid medical product comprised of a reusable and a disposable component, to accomplish this goal. The BioAccess concept relieves the hospital and surgicenter of the hazards and costs of cleaning and sterilizing of contaminated reusable tools and instruments.