Disposable Traction Bow

  • Disposable Traction Bow with Spreader Bar


The Disposable Traction Bow (DTB) allows for the quick and easy implementation of traction in the ED or ICU. The DTB design allows for application to any size patient and is easier to attach to pins. The DTB can be made available in any BioAccess Traction Pin Kits or are available separately.

The BioAccess Advantage

  • Easy to use
  • One size fits all
  • Readily available
  • Disposable
  • Time saving for physician and department

Disposable Traction Bow

The Disposable Traction Bow are designed with flexible high strength engineering cords to allow easy application to the traction pins. This design allows for use on any size patients, from pediatric to obese. The Disposable Traction Bow (DTB) can be placed in the BioAccess Traction Pin Kits and eliminates the need to find older bohler traction bows throughout the hospital. It also eliminates the need to assure older equipment is functioning and complete with screws.

When the Disposable Traction Bow is used with the BioAccess Extension Line Kit, the patient can immediately be placed in traction without a traction frame.

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